Manufactured Growls

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2015 Ford Mustang GT

With stricter regulations on vehicle emissions, car and truck manufacturers have started downsizing engines in a quest to improve fuel economy. V8s are being replaced by V6s, while turbochargers are supplanting increased displacement as the preferred method of boosting power.

But for car enthusiasts, a car that has the look and feel of a performance machine (and certainly the price tag to match) needs to also have a certain sound from the engine when you depress the accelerator. And these new engines just can’t get it done. So what’s a manufacturer to do? Fake it. Continue reading

New OSIRIS Images Released

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Rosetta Infographic

A new batch of scientific papers have been released regarding the Rosetta mission, and along with it came a whole bunch of pictures from the OSIRIS camera team. Though they were taken back in August and September of last year, they’re only just now available for public consumption. You can see them by following the link at the bottom. There’s plenty of cool stuff to see, including some enhancements they did that help bring out details in the shadows. Continue reading